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Huisartsenpraktijk G.F.W. Hoogslag
Van Vredenburchweg 71c | 2282 SE

Doctor’s practice handout


  • for appointment: 070 3991818, ext.3
  • Emergency access daytime Mo-Fri: 070 3991818, ext.1
  • Repeat prescription: 070 3991818, ext.2
We speak English
Nous parlons Francais
Parliamo Italiano
Wir sprechen Deutsch

website:  (e-mail only for administrative questions!)
Digital contact with the office for medical questions – ‘e-consult’ – (not for emergency!) and repeat prescription via ‘mijn patientenomgeving’

Public transport to the office: tram 17 and bus 23

The National Emergency Telephone Number = 112
State clearly your wish: Police, Fire-Brigade or Ambulance

In General

In The Netherlands the General Practitioner is the gate-keeper for medical care. He is able to have an overview of human’s medical problems and, of course, will refer to a specialist in a hospital if needed. Regard him as your Personal Medical Advisor for Primary Health Care. Access time is almost always the same day.

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Office Hours

By appointment: Monday to Thursday 08.00 a.m. – 04.00 p.m. and Friday 08.00 – 12.00 a.m.
Appointments are made in the morning by phone between 8.15-10.00 a.m.

Please show your Insurance Card to the nurse before sitting down in the waiting room. If a child or person is too ill to wait for some time: please ask the nurse for a more convenient solution. Many times, in case of illness it is more efficient to come early in the morning because I then can refer you the same day for lab or X-ray analysis. In these cases, it is not a wise thing to wait for an appointment somewhere in the afternoon.

There is no office-hour on Friday afternoon and in the evening. Sometimes special situations need special solutions:  please contact the nurse in this case.

House calls
Always call the doctor’s office before 10.00 a.m., because normally house calls are made between 10.30 and 12.30 a.m.

Repeat prescription

Only if been prescribed by this doctor’s office before: use the login ‘patiëntenomgeving’ portal link on our website or phone the ‘receptenlijn’ 070-3991818 (answering machine, ext.2). Please state clearly name/address/Insurance number/Generic name of the medication in need, quantity, daily use/drugstore (‘apotheek’) to send prescription to. Some medication will not in every case be repeated by this way (e.g. sleeping pills, strong medication, etc). Please allow one or two days delay before medication is ready in the drugstore. For same day delivery: please consult the nurse!

The Nurse

The office has a registered assistant-to-the-doctor (‘doktersassistente’). She has a medical secrecy, can inform on minor medical issues, performs works like urine and blood pressure check, ear rinsing, EKG, vaccinations, pregnancy tests, etc. and organizes the doctor’s daily office hours.

When you are hearing an answering machine

  • Phone again half hour later or so, because the nurse is very busy or doing administration for a short time. In case of urgency, phone: 070 3991818, ext.1
  • Or: the office is closed in case of night times / weekend or holiday / doctor training

Night and weekend service

Call Hadoks: 070 3469669. With three offices in The Hague: one near HAGA-hospital (Leyenburg)-Leyweg, one near MCH-Westeinde hospital – Warmoezierstraat and one in MCH-Antoniushove-Leidschendam. Consultations by appointment only.

When office closed in case of training or holiday

An answering machine will tell you with whom to make an appointment: division is done mostly by the first letter of the family name (e.g. “letters A to F” go to doctor …, “letters G to K” go to doctor …, etc.). You will be sent to general practitioners nearby.

Analysis at labs and in hospitals

Simple analyses don’t take long: mostly 1-2 days depending on the issue. Results are mostly sent by internet (only through restricted communication between lab/hospital and general pratitioner) to our doctor’s office.